Annual Report

Keene Senior Center All Member Annual Meeting January 21, 2016 was held at the Senior Center.  The following is a summary of the presentation.  Membership for 2015 was up to 619 members up 23% from 2014. One hundred and two volunteers put in 5,264 hours.  In 2015, members came to the Center 28,064 times for activities and special events. A typical member attended 45 times during the year.

Fitness and Health ProgramsThese continue to be the most popular activities. These activities are on-going, meeting regularly.  They are the Age in Motion Exercise Groups, Blood Pressure Screenings, Line Dancing, DeMar Marathon (Super Seniors age 70+),  Super Senior Walking Events,  Learning to Use the Gym Machines, Gym Activities, Qigong, Physical Fitness Testing at Keene State (one event), Flu Vaccine Clinics, Walking at the Recreational Center, and Yoga Groups.

Social Programs Although every activity at the Senior Center has a very important social component, there are activities that are by designed to be social. Again, some meet only once or twice and some are on-going groups:  Creating handcrafted cards; Bingo; St. Valentine’s Day and Halloween Parties; Bridge (Center & Bentley Commons ), Beginner Bridge, Cribbage, Friendly Meals, Garden Fresh Fridays, Quilts R Us, Ping Pong, Christmas Crafts, Pinochle, Billiards, Senior Swingers Singing Group, Senior Men Who Cook, Trips, Social Seniors Outings: Monadnock High School Concert and Lunch, High Tea with Helen Jesse, Keene Craft Fair, and Westmoreland Town Band Christmas Concert.

Education Programs The programs all have a commonality of offering new information. Of course they vary according to the diverse interests and needs of the Senior Center members. AA Groups, Book Group, Writing Groups, Computer Training, Community Garden,  AARP Safe Driving, Mixed Media Art, Understanding Beyond Maplewood-Alternative Nursing Home, Music Series with Virginia Eskin, Winter Wellness with Ginnette Groome, 60th Anniversary  Senior Center  Archival Research, and  Easy Spanish.

Nutrition Programs Year around nutrition is important at the Senior Center.  Meals include Garden Fresh Friday, a year round collaboration with Keene State College nutrition students and the Community Kitchen, Friendly Meals (Wednesdays), a year round collaboration with HCS. Special Programs: Eating to Reduce Inflammation & Introduction to Diabetes Prevention Program with Cheshire Medical Center.

Economic Enhancement is focused about what seniors need most to enhance their financial well-being.   Fiscal Education Series (six sessions) with Community Kitchen, Savings Bank of Walpole, Citizens Bank, Southwestern Community Services, Nancy Thompson-Real Estate Agent, Service Link, Board Member- Carol Sorterup; Retirement Fair in June with 25 area businesses, and Estate Planning with Edward Jones and Ward Legal.

Fundraising Events and Contributions Every year the Keene Senior Center holds several events focused on raising operational funds for the Center.  Often they are as much a social activity as they are a fundraiser. They included: St. Patrick’s Day-$523, Lasagna Festival-$24.91, Chicken Barbecue-$588, Retirement Fair-$5,246,  Swingers Show-$942,  Hannaford Book Sale-$699 , Donate a Car-$6,694, Friendship Quilt Raffle-$197, Appeals: August $4,82 & January   $2,775; Garden Fresh Fridays-$1,484, D'Angelo Fundraiser-$173; Super  Senior Supper-$89; Holiday Faire-$1,985, Thrift Shop-Every Thing a Dollar-$3,670, and Antiques at Colony Mill-$724.95.  We donate Thrift Shop surplus to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation.

Building Projects  The Senior Center at 70 Court St. is a building that needs constant repairs and maintenance work.  Along with daily janitorial maintenance, we did a big painting job in basement:  walls and floors, and men’s bathroom, removed two dead trees (neighbor shared the cost), and removed clumps of invasive knotweed.

Long Range Planning Long Range Planning Committee has been meeting throughout the year and investigating a variety of options. The committee has been looking at a wide variety of buildings, studying their square footage, price, need for repairs, etc.  There are a lot of underused or empty buildings, and there are new projects being planned in the City. 

If successful, this project will be part of the City’s Capital Improvement Budget, a 5 to 6 year time frame. We have started a formal Discussion with City of Keene staff.Hopefully, in 2016, there will be a Recreation Dept./Senior Center feasibility study that produces basic architectural drawings and cost estimates.We will use the use the information to gain support with grants, city, corporate and local citizen support.

What We Need to Keep Working On  We will continue to maintain, repair and make 70 Court St. building sellable for the future, grow Senior Center programs, increase membership, enhance appeal funding from members and other community members and companies, increase income from our fundraisers, and broaden our programs to be more intergenerational by helping grandparents who are caring for grandchildren,

Volunteers Although, it is always a risk that we will forget someone, we wish to thank the volunteers who had such a large role in making the Senior Center the success that it was during the past year. Ahern, Harold; Allen, Elizabeth; Ash, Dolly; Bernet, Alice;Bienvenu, Roger; Bissell, Bonnie L; Blais, Robin; Bohannon, Andy; Boudrieau, Sandra; Bourassa, Janice; Brown, Dale Sr; Brown, Kathryn; Butcher, Galen; Carlin, Tina; Carswell, Stuart; Castor, Margurite; Christiansen, Betty; Claridge, Ann; Cook, Linda; Cotton, Charles T; Coulborn, Camille; Dalwadi, Hasu; Delong, Clyde S; Delsesto, Marie; DiLuzio, Colleen; DiPetro, Mary Lou; Doris, Marjorie S.; Dube, Roger; Eskin, Virginia; Evans, Rebecca; Flibotte, Don; Forrest, Betty; Forrest, Mike; Fuerderer, June; Groome, Ginnette; Guarino, Tony; Hebert, Betty; Hilliker, Philip; Hoffman Jr, John; Hoffman, Jean; Huston, Robert; Jesse, Helen; Johnson, Cynthia;Johnson Harry H. Jr;  Johnson, John; Joslin, Betty; Judd, Nancy;. Kayser, Marcia; Labrie, Mary LaFreniere, Susan; Laurent, Doris; Ledwith, Dorothy; Lindsey, Bil; Long, A Patricia; Martin, Teresa; Mattson, Brian; McPhee, Buffy; Draper; Moran, David;Morenz, Edward; Morin, Roberta ;Nelson, Alice; Neylan, Michael; Orr, Emily Packwood, Carol Ellison; Parenteau, Roland; Patnode, Pat; Pike, Harold S. Jr Pollock, Bonnie; Restalli, Ralph; Rinehart, Sally ;Robinson, David; Rose, Linda ;Searles, Kathy; Sendowski, Jacqueline; Sheehan, Kelsey; Simino, Cassandra; Sorterup, Carol; Stempkowski, Laura; Stempkowski, William; Stewart, Alfred; H Jr Stoyak, Mikayla; Svok, Linda Taylor, Lee H.; Taylor, Linda; A. Tolman, Newell; Toney, Kenneth; Trimble, Betsy; Trimble, David; Turcotte, Patricia; Tuttolomondo, Rose; Vaillancourt, Andrea; Vohr, James; Walthour, George T.; Walthour, Jean; Wanlass, Sue; Washington, Michael; Waters, Lee H; Weeks, Timothy; Wilcox, Lyn; Witkowski, Griselda; Wolhandler, Harry

ABLE Network People 2015 are individuals (age 55+)  who are job trainees, learning skills to grow into jobs in the open market: Bruce Abare, Lois Benoit, Kathy Brown, (Now Area Program Coordinator for ABLE Network), Krista McCarthy, Ralph Restalli and Charlie Wagar (now both in regular employment at Keene State), Lurline Russell, and Denis Vaillancourt.

Money Edward Jones Investment Funds as of Dec. 31, 2015- Restricted Fund $260,117 ($225,000-restricted by donor, remainder to earn interest), Unrestricted Fund $16,922 (Combination of stocks and investment interest from Restricted Fund, larger donations, and grant money. This is for capital expenses, to cover short cash flow, and for grant related expenses.

Finances 2015 Actual Income & Expenses Income: $154,066, Expenses: $148,041, Surplus: $6,025 (unaudited numbers)

2016 Finance – Budget Plan Income: $159,211, Expenses: $156,478, Surplus: $2,982

Full Financial Information Always Available to By Contacting Executive Director Pegg Monahan,

Keene Senior Center is an independent 501C-3 Charitable Organization.

In Memory-Died in 2015 Past and Recent Senior Center Members (with apologies if we miss information about the passing of any member who is not listed here): Ruth M. Ball, Harwood Boynton,  Judith Boynton, Arlene Guyette, Donna M. Gauthier, Ruby M. Flavin, James Fletcher, Jr., Dorothea Hodgkins, Maynard M. Hollingsworth, Ellen T. Mason, Anthony M.Olivo, Roland Parenteau, Jean R. Overdorff, Joan Scheffler, Joan H. Sebert , Elizabeth E. Skipper, Lee Waters,  Eva Wilcox.

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